e-Gift Cards

Veynd sells e-gift cards for use on its website only and currently, only in the US.

This means that we don’t sell or send physical cards and you will receive your card and details via email.

You will be able to access the card via a link in your email, which you can then apply to your Apple or Google Wallet.


How long are e-Gift cards valid for?

The expiration date on e-Gift cards depends on where you live.

Our Terms & Conditions detail the specific end dates for your country, state, or region.


Where can I use my e-Gift card?

Your e-Gift card is valid for use on the store it was purchased. Currently your e-Gift card can only be used at www.veynd.com.


Can I use it more than once?

Of course you can! You can use it on as many transactions as you like, until the balance of the gift card has been exhausted.

However note that you cannot determine a % of the outstanding balance to use on a specific order.


Can I use a discount code to buy an e-Gift card?

Sadly not, it’s not possible to discount our e-Gift cards.


What happens if I return items that I bought using an e-Gift card?

If you decide to return an item, and it’s accepted as a valid return, your refund will be processed back on to the e-Gift card that you used to purchase the item.

If the e-Gift card didn’t cover the full price of the item, and you used another payment method to pay for the remaining amount, your refund will be processed across both the e-Gift card and the alternative payment method.

Note it can take up to five working days for the refunded money to appear in your account.


How do I buy an e-Gift card for someone else?

Simply place the order for the e-Gift card using your own details and then when you receive the e-Gift card to your email address, forward this on to whoever you want to receive it.

They can access the card via the link in the email and return to it for balance updates.

Alternatively, you can print off the gift card code from the email, or the website, and give that to them.

It’s important that whoever receives your gift card retains the gift card code, as this will ensure they can access the balance and re-use it, in the event of a return.